One of the biggest Marvel releases gets an early, unofficial torrent release

Pirate group iDiOTS is known for distributing high-quality CAM recorded movie releases. And this time they’ve recorded and released a high-quality version of Black Panther 2, also known as Wakanda Forever.

The movie has gotten positive reviews, despite being compared to the original’s 96% Rotten Tomatoes score. It’s currently number one in the US box office, with an impressive $205m domestic revenue. It’s also likely to get a third entry and rumors and leaks about a video game.

Screenshots from the pirated release

iDiOTS version doesn’t have the video and audio to be compared to a retail Bluray release, but it’s not far off. As one torrent downloader says, “i have never seen a cam look this good. audio is so so as mentioned, but this is very very clear”.

Will this impact Wakanda Forever’s box office?

In the US it’s unlikely but since the movie was banned in China, the torrent will likely gets some traction in the country.

Where can I download the movie?

It’s being distributed on illegal torrent sites. The Leak does not share copyrighted material.

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