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Four different camera recordings of Avatar 2 is already online on torrent sites.

It’s not exactly how James Cameron intended for you to see it. The big blockbuster is being show in cinemas at variable frame rate, iMax and 3D. And while no one wants their movies getting pirated Avatar: The Way of Water is among the least suited to be seen on a low resolution camera recorded screen. But it hasn’t stopped some.

As of today there are four different camera recorded versions of the movie out on various torrent sites for users to download. And additional Portuguese and Hindi versions as well. Camera recordings are often watermarked with a casino or betting sites. This is because those who record the movie sell the copy to a betting site who then add a watermark onto the screen, to promote the website, before sharing it online. The quality is often very low with flickering visuals, smeared colors and a noticeable echo to the audio.

Is there a high-quality version of Avatar 2 out?

No. There are pirate groups who claim they have high quality audio, known as line audio, but they are in fact all recorded using the camera’s microphone. It is likely to take a while until we see a proper quality version.

Why would you watch Avatar in low quality?

As one downloader commented on a torrent site:

“cam or no cam this is very watchable for those who don’t wish to wait
would also add the following… its the first of high special effects cams thats veryu watchable going all the way back to when alien cams first appeared so many years ago. i seriously doubt much better will come up unless its a screener!”

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