Avowed is an open-world RPG game and it is a lot bigger and denser compared to Skyrim. Here’s everything we know.

Obsidian Entertainment announced its new big title called Avowed at the Xbox Games Showcase. The action RPG fantasy game is coming to PC and Xbox Series X. It takes place in the Pillars of Eternity universe. Officially, there isn’t much revealed about the game but thanks to various leaks and rumors, you can have a decent idea of how the game will be like and what will be included in this highly anticipated title.

Avowed, Meaning?

The word “avowed” means openly declared or acknowledged, generally accepted, or asserted to be real or true. Obsidian’s choice of this specific word for the upcoming title remains a mystery. It is likely that the true meaning of Avowed with regards to the game will be revealed during its campaign or gameplay.

Avowed Leak

As mentioned before, there isn’t much official information available about Avowed. However, leaks and rumors have covered a lot in terms of game’s world design, lore, mechanics, and more. According to a well-known leaker named Sponger, Avowed is an open-world RPG game and it is a lot bigger and denser as compared to Skyrim. The game will feature two large cities as well as various diverse zones and major landmarks. Leaks also reveal that the game’s story takes place in The Living Lands region of Eora. There is a big focus on lighting, world-reactivity, and next-gen physics and AI systems. The game also has mode support for PC and a real-time weather system. Last but not least, the magic systems of the game are more physics-based. The leak has been questioned by the Reddit community.

Avowed Release Date

Release date of Avowed hasn’t been announced yet. However, various rumors suggest that the game will be released in the second half of 2023.

Avowed Gameplay

Currently, all that is confirmed is that Avowed will be a first-person RPG game. However, rumors and leaks have revealed a lot of information regarding the gameplay. Supposedly, the upcoming game will be open-world and mirror elements of Skyrim. Its story is against an incoming threat of tyranny, with iconic buildings, statues, landmarks, and very large game bosses. Since the game is set in the Pillars of Eternity universe, gamers know what to expect when it comes to creature designs, lore, and locations.

In terms of combat and weapons, it is speculated that players will be able to dual-wield a wide variety of weapons. There will also be different character classes to choose from. You might use a rogue class character and equip two daggers, a combination of magic and weapons, a bow, or just dual-wield spells. Weapon enchantments like frozen arrows or magical swords are mentioned too. All these elements may be familiar to Skyrim players. The combat system will be loadout based and it will be possible to kill everyone in the game.

Combining the above-listed information and the potential to be released on Game Pass, Avowed is set to be a massive title for PC and Xbox Series X. Unlike Hellblade 2, the leaks and rumors have been abundant when it comes to Avowed. Of course, the above-listed rumors and leaks could just be speculation. Many of the details mentioned above could be subject to change. We will certainly find out more concrete info on this highly anticipated title in the coming months.

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