The Sims 5 Play Test Screenshots Leaked

The leaked screenshot doesn’t represent the final version of the game.

The Sims 5, the next entry in the life simulation game series, has suffered from a significant leak. The upcoming title recently went through a playtest, and someone took advantage of this. Multiple images of the playtest version, 11 to be exact, were uploaded on Reddit.

The images aren’t direct screenshots; instead, someone used a camera to take pictures of the monitor, and the low quality confirms that.

The pictures themselves reveal a lot of information. You can see the apartment’s interiors and buildings from the outside. Several images show tutorials informing players how to customize their apartments and design their furniture. The last two screenshots reveal that you can share your creations and use the Help button for hints.

It’s a certainty that these images don’t represent the final game. It is from a playtest version, and the game is still quite far away. The developer has plenty of time to make further improvements and refine the product.

The title, The Sims 5, hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. The next game in the series is officially known as Project Rene. However, fans are sticking with the number 5 as that’s the likely final name.

Dead Space (2023) is another EA title that was targeted by leaks. Check out our previous story for more information.

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