PlayStation Games

Showcase will feature bigger games, whereas, SoP will be modest.

Details about upcoming PlayStation games could be right around the corner. According to Jeff Grubb, a reputable leaker in the industry, Sony has two events planned for the coming months.

The first one is the State of Play that will go live in March, possibly sooner; the said event will be smaller-scoped and won’t feature the bigger games. The second one, however, is PlayStation Showcase which will feature several major titles. It is expected to go live before June, meaning the event will predate this year’s E3 and Summer Game Fest.

Grubb didn’t reveal what games fans should expect. However, we can make some educated guesses. PS Showcase will likely feature Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Death Stranding 2. Attendance of The Last of Us multiplayer game is also a real possibility.

Sony didn’t hold a PS Showcase last year for unspecified reasons. However, fans are super excited for this year’s event as the PS owner should have several projects ready to be unveiled.

In other leaks and rumors, Jeff Grubb claimed a few days ago that the next game by The Coalition is Gears 6, as non-Gears-related smaller projects have been canceled.

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