Arshad Sharif was shot by policemen on Sunday under strange circumstances

On Sunday night in Kajiado, Kenyan police officers manning a roadblock shot and killed 50-year-old renowned Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif.

The acclaimed journalist expressed his disapproval of the current political trends in Pakistan. Sharif was an expert in investigative journalism and covered numerous political events in his nation for both domestic and foreign news outlets.

Sharif, a vocal opponent of the Pakistani government, departed the country earlier this year as a result of several sedition charges being brought against him.

Many local reporters claim that the case is filled with gaps and inconsistent information.

A few kilometers from the scene of the deadly shooting, at the Magadi Training Academy, GSU police officers opened fire on Sharif, who immediately passed away amidst the shower of bullets.

What we know so far

“Arshad Sharif had hoped for refuge in Kenya, but was met with the fatal influences of the Pakistani military establishment…”

On the night in question, the police claim that the suspects were ordered to pull over by them shortly after entering the Kiserian-Magadi route from a dusty feeder road; nevertheless, they disobeyed the orders and continued on their way. After that, the police began firing their weapons.

The car was struck by bullets on all sides at the same time. The incident caused the car to have nine bullet holes on the left side of the windscreen, which is the side on which the deceased was sitting; two bullet holes on the rear left back screen; one bullet hole on the rear right door; four bullet holes on the right side of the boot; and one front right tyre that had been deflated.

The GSU policemen who were there at the time of the incident stated in the police report that they had been placed on high alert by Starehe DCI after it was reported that a child had been abducted. 

One of the passengers in the vehicle that was reported missing by a Kenyan national was a child. Later on, the child was located in Kiserian, but the vehicle, which had a plate with the letters KDJ, was never found. However, the license plates on the car Sharif and his driver were traveling in read KDG, which suggests that the authorities may have made a mistake in identifying the suspects.

The strange circumstances surrounding the murder of Arshad Sharif have fueled conspiracy theories across Pakistan. Many Pakistanis have voiced their opinion that the Pakistani military establishment is behind this killing, given how critical Sharif was about the current regime. 

Kenyans and Pakistanis alike believe that the police officers in question were influenced and paid to carry out this killing, given the sheer number of gaps in the police reports so far. 

Arshad Sharif had hoped for refuge in Kenya, but was met with the fatal influences of the Pakistani military establishment that continues to suffocate the political process in the country.

Condolences have poured in from all sides of the political spectrum in Pakistan, and the story continues to evolve

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