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Busy week for Kanye as he makes dangerous decisions

The rapper Kanye West, better known as Ye, and Parler have agreed to purchase each other, the two parties stated in a statement on Monday. They claim this would enable people to openly express their conservative views.

Parler has agreed to sell all of its assets to West as part of the agreement; however, Parlement Technologies will continue to provide the social network with technical support, including access to its private cloud services and data center infrastructure. The deal’s financial terms were not made public. 

Earlier this month, West had his Instagram and Twitter accounts suspended for tweeting antisemitic remarks. Previously, Kanye West was posting regularly on the site exposing private matters between his ex-wife, Kim Kardashion and his various deals with companies such as Adidas. 

West’s supporters and critics alike have repeatedly encouraged the rapper to seek professional therapeutic intervention. According to infamous African American republican Candice Owens, this news is historic. 

She mentions that Kanye, who stated earlier this week that George Floyd died of fentanyl rather than police brutality, has made history for African Americans.

As more and more conservative voices continue to be deplatformed for racist, sexist, and antisemetic views it comes as no surprise that a new generation of social media platforms are created to house conservative voices. 

These recent events indicate rapid polarization of political discourse online, and paint a terrible picture of what it could mean for the future of politics.

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