Job listings from the developer hint toward the game’s features.

Hanger 13, the developer of the next Mafia iteration, has been very tight-lipped about the title. However, it seems like they may have let go of some of the details.

Mafia 4, or whatever they end up calling it, could feature Stealth gameplay mechanics. Players should also expect some multiplayer components. This claim is not a leak or a rumor from a third party; instead, it’s straight from the developer.

According to a LinkedIn job posting, the developer is looking for individuals who can deliver engaging Stealth and Combat gameplay loop. Another posting for Senior Systems Designer requires someone with experience in multiplayer games.

All of this suggests that Mafia 4 could be very different from its predecessor, which may not be great for players, as many players don’t like live-service elements in their games.

In other leaks, Epic Games Store is bringing back the 25% off coupon offer for its upcoming sale. Epic is doing this to attract users to their online video game store. Free Vault games are coming back as well. Visit our previous story for more details.

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