Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Kill the Justice League may have suffered from another delay.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is the latest AAA title to suffer from a delay. The next major game by Rocksteady Studios is rumored to have been internally delayed from its May release date to Q4 2023.

Initially stated by Jez Corden, who serves as the managing director at Windows Central, the leak was subsequently confirmed by Jason Schreier, a well-regarded gaming industry insider, and reporter at Bloomberg.

The reason for the delay isn’t known at the moment. However, a few months only delay usually occurs for polishing reasons, which means fans shouldn’t expect any drastic changes. Kill the Justice League was recently showcased at the State of Play and was panned by fans.

Many players criticized the Games as a Service model, always online requirements, and unimpressive combat. The delay could be utilized to remove the former two elements, but changing the core combat is probably out of the question.

In other leaks and rumors, a Twitch advertisement accidentally revealed the existence of the Resident Evil 4 Demo earlier than it should have. Check out our previous story for more information.

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