Resident Evil 4 Demo

Fans could be playing a demo of RE4 Remake in less than 12 hours.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is exactly two weeks away; however, you could be playing a portion of the game later today.

According to a Twitch advertisement, the demo of the upcoming horror game is now live. Obviously, that’s not true, as there’s no option to download any demo from Steam. This could only mean that the advertisement went live earlier than it should have.

Capcom is holding an online event today at 5:30 PM EST. The showcase will be around 26 minutes long and will include updates from upcoming games from the Japanese developer. We should expect to see Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6, Exoprimal, and more.

The demo is likely supposed to be shadow-dropped just after the event. This means fans could be dipping their toes in the world of RE4 later today.

In other leaks and rumors, the existence of Cities: Skylines 2 and two more titles were leaked a few hours before the official announcements. You can visit our previous story for more information.

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