All Steam Sale and Fest Dates Revealed

Steam will have some kind of sale or fest every single month.

One of the reasons Steam is on top is thanks to regular sales that offer amazing games at low prices. These sales are regular, and the wait for the next one isn’t very long. This year will be no different. Steam recently sent an email to various developers and publishers revealing the dates for all the Sales and Fest for the rest of the year.

Players can expect at least one sale every month. One of the bigger ones, Spring Sale, will go live on March 16 and Summer one on June 29. The Autumn and Winter sales will be closer to each other once again, the former on November 21 and the latter on December 21.

All the dates are mentioned below.

  • Mystery Fest: February 20 – 27
  • Puzzle Fest: April 24 – May 1
  • Spring Sale: March 16 – 23 (major seasonal sale)
  • Sports Fest: May 15 – 22
  • Next Fest: June 19 – 26
  • Summer Sale: June 29 – July 13 (major seasonal sale)
  • Stealth Fest: July 24 – 31
  • Visual Novel Fest: August 7 – 14
  • Strategy Fest: August 28 – September 4
  • SHMUP Fest: September 25 – October 2
  • Next Fest: October 9 – 16
  • Return of Steam Scream Fest (Halloween): October 26 – November 2 (additional details to come)
  • Autumn Sale: November 21 – 28 (major seasonal sale)
  • Winter Sale: December 21 – January 4, 2024 (major seasonal sale)

In other leaks and rumors, recently leaked documents suggest that Call of Duty, planned for 2024, could release on past-gen consoles. You can visit our previous story for more information.

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