The company has patented the “OnePlus Pad” and now working to make it happen.

The android tablet market is long been dead courtesy of the Apple iPad but companies are still trying to make it happen. We saw an interesting concept last month by Google. The company has found a use for Pixel Tablet when it’s not in use. It is meant to be a smart assistant when docked.

Now, OnePlus is jumping in and Max Jambor has hinted that a OnePlus Pad is in development.

According to him, it is scheduled for 2023. The company has already patented the name “OnePlus Pad” and now the company is ready to tap into another category of gadgets after smartphones, earphones and wearables.

We can just hope that it brings something new to the Android Tablet Market and is not a rebranded Oppo Pad or Vivo Pad.

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