With the leak of GTA 5 and 6’s source-code yesterday, one person has already bought the leak online

A hacker known as “teapotuberhacker” uploaded a massive file with GTA 6 leaks and source-code on GTAForums. This led to over 90 different clips and pictures trending on the internet, showcasing what GTA 6 would probably look like.

However, damages from leaked videos and screenshots can be mitigated and controlled. What can’t be controlled, however, is a leaked source code. So, what happened? A man bought the GTA 5 source code for over $100k dollars – and that spells trouble for Rockstar games. The recent GTA 6 leaks have been devastating for developers at Rockstar games.

Why are source-code leaks devastating?

The actual code that powers the software is often heavily obscured and encrypted when it goes online. It’s rather hard to peel back the layers and understand how games and software operate once you’ve made that initial entry.

“In short, source-code leaks aren’t just bad for the company making the games; they’re also bad for players who want to enjoy the game properly.”

This is done in order to reduce the vulnerability of data and software to hacking and exploitation, particularly in multi-user/multiplayer applications and games. It’s incredibly difficult to breach or attack a system if you don’t fully understand how it operates.

The source code presents a unique challenge. You can get past it if you can inspect every line of code, every API call, every database query, how the code interacts line by line, and how the cheat recognizes individuals trying to hack.

Once the source code is known and available, there is a strong likelihood that anybody using the game or program will soon be at risk, and the corporation may not be able to stop it because the exploiters are skilled at getting around existing security measures.

In short, source-code leaks aren’t just bad for the company making the games; they’re also bad for players who want to enjoy the game properly.

Will leaks delay the GTA 6 release date?

Yes, likely. When leaks as severe as this occur, developers often need more time to work on elements of the game from scratch – especially when the leak involves source-code and proprietary information. Rockstar may just choose to push the game further down decade, or even the next given the severity of the leak. 

Rockstar is yet to make a public statement addressing the leaks; however, they’re currently taking action against youtube channels and accounts uploading these leaks. 

Stay updated with the latest GTA 6 leaks to see how this once-in-a-decade leak unfolds.

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