Fallout New Vegas 2 Hinted

A private branch in Fallout 4 is named New Vegas 2

Fallout New Vegas 2 could very well be real, assuming the hints on the SteamDB page are correct.

The SteamDB page of Fallout 4 recently received two private branches, namely, beta2 and newvegas2. The former is likely referring to the upcoming next-gen version of F4. However, it’s the latter that is more intriguing.

Fallout New Vegas 2

The existence of Fallout New Vegas 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed, but there’s still hope. A previous statement by Obsidian CEO about wanting to make a sequel to NV suggests that this steam depot change isn’t just a mistake.

Many fans consider Fallout New Vegas as one of the best Fallout games, and for good reasons. A sequel for their beloved title would be a dream come true. Even if New Vegas 2 is real, it’s likely years away. Obsidian is currently busy with Awoved and The Outer Worlds 2. Both of them don’t even have a release year.

In other news, the gameplay of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora could be leaked soon. The game is rumored to be in first-person mode. You can visit our previous story for more information.

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