M3 is on the horizon, but M2 will reportedly power the 15″ MacBook Air

Apple is entering the 15-inch premium ultrabook market with its all-new 15-inch MacBook Air. Our previous report hinted towards an M3 configuration, but it seems Apple is not patient enough for this one to wait for M3, and it will come with M2 instead.

The latest leaks have confirmed that we can see it as early as April. It will carry on the design language of the current 13-inch M2 MacBook Air. I am guessing its price will start at $1499. However, it’s Apple, and I will not be shocked to see an even higher starting price. We don’t know much about its specs besides that it has begun mass production.

Until now, if a consumer wanted a bigger MacBook, the only option would be a 16-inch MacBook Pro at a monstrous price of $2499. Now, the consumer will have the option to enjoy a high-resolution 15-inch screen while spending much less. I think it will complete the Apple MacBook lineup, and there will be an option for every requirement.

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