The game is expected to be revealed this year with a 2024 release.

It’s no secret that a fourth Metro game is in development at 4A Games. The developer already revealed it back in 2020. However, details about the title have been scarce until now.

According to Insider Gaming, the fourth title can now be played from start to finish, meaning it must be in the polishing state. The claim further suggests that the game could be revealed later this year with a possible 2024 release.

The website also asserts to know about the content of the game. The game allegedly begins with a dream sequence and is followed by the protagonist waking up at the base of the operation. Players can expect the gameplay to have crafting, stealth, looting, and much more.

The developer had already revealed in 2020 that the next Metro title would be exclusive to 9th-gen consoles and PC, meaning Xbox One and PS4 fans will be missing this one out.

In other news, a well-known insider in the industry leaked the February 2023 PS Plus Line-Up. The list contains some really great games. You can read more about it in our previous story.

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