The Foldable iPhone will be accompanied by a Foldable MacBook: Leaks Suggest.

The foldable laptop category made a debut with Asus Zenbook 17 Fold recently. The laptop features a 17.3″ foldable OLED screen that can act as a standalone unit.

Latest reports from suggests that Apple has initiated the development of a 20-inch foldable screen, probably for a future MacBook model. The screen will measure 20.25 inches in an unfolded state and 15.3 inches when folded in half. The numbers do not match the current MacBook Pros screen size standard, but it would be interesting to see how Apple handles it.

The prospective launch of such a device is from 2026 to 2027. So, there’s plenty of time to refine the idea and test the prototypes. This will also be a big transition for Apple to move from LCD panels to OLED in MacBooks. iPads are also expected to make a switch to OLED displays in 2024.

With this news, I think Apple is fully invested in the idea of foldable devices. We anticipate a future where most Apple devices will feature foldable screens, including iPads.

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