When will their final album leak?

Update: The album is now out. Surprise album “TM” set to be out as well.

This Friday one of the biggest hiphop albums will be released. But will it leak ahead of its release? Months after they announced the news of their split, the American hip hop band Brockhampton have recently revealed the name of their last album. It is called “The Family”. The group has shared the album’s cover as well as teaser videos promoting the record.

The news of the final album was spread through a series of YouTube clips that the band posted on October 27th. The official teaser of the album shows three men digging through a bag of stolen things which include gelatinous goo, some small army figurines, a rubber duck, and other apparently useless things, before they discover an old iPod. The men then put in the earbuds one at a time and begin to vibe.

Brockhampton also posted a short retrospective video labeled “I Miss the Band Already”, which showcases archival footage of the group throughout their Saturation era as the band comes up with the title for the album and brainstorms ideas on how to market it and more, all while Keven Abstract’s sings in the background.

The news of The Family comes six months after the group announced that their next album would be their last. They talked about this during their Coachella set in April earlier this year. During the performance, the band played a footage of Abstract sitting the band members down and telling them that he would make a group album in New York before the screen reads “THE FINAL ALBUM 2022.”

After this news, Brockhampton then went on an “indefinite hiatus” and cancelled any of the remaining world tour dates they had. Ever since, Abstract has occasionally teased updates but didn’t confirm details about the final album’s release until October, 27th.

When will The Family leak?

It’s set for a digital release on Friday. It’s in high demand which means it can leak anytime now. It’s been reported that it was seen on Soulseek but we’ve looked and nothing is there as of today, Wednesday.

What is the Upcoming Album About?

The Family aims to pay tribute to the classic rap albums that brought the Brockhampton group members together and examines the complex relationships within the group that evolved over the course of the band’s 10+ year history.

The album cover for The Family depicts different references from the band’s history. The artwork includes two blue-faced parents holding a rainbow baby. These particular aspects are homage to the group’s Saturation Trilogy and Iridescence era. There is also the alpaca Mr. Snuffleupagus from their “GUMMY” music video, multicolored silhouettes of the boys, and the car from the Saturation II album cover.

Who are Brockhampton?

Brockhampton is a popular American boyband that has had an amazing ride. Through their controversial collaborations and enduring lineup chances, they redefined what it means to be an American hip hop boyband. Their songs are intriguing as well as jarring. From heart shattering tracks like “GINGER” to high energy songs like “BOOGIE”, Brockhampton offers a dynamic range of music that is difficult to define.

The band was originally known as AliveSinceForever. They changed their name to Brockhampton in 2014. The group consists of 13 members from diverse backgrounds. Their slogan “America’s favorite boy band” is fitting. The group is no stranger to expression through music. With a wide variety of songs, Brockhampton tackles a range of topics and incorporates their own personal feelings into their tracks. Their final album “The Family” is set to release on November 17th. And likely be leaked any day now.

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