Ahead of Paramore’s US tour

Update: It turned out our source was correct. The band just announced “This Is Why,” the song. Sept 28.”

Original story: Our source in the label industry has previously hinted about Paramore returning this autumn. And now it seems like it’s happening as the label is preparing the first drop, a brand new single to accompany their upcoming tour. While it is subject to change, we’ve been told a music video is in the works as well.

“It’s still uncertain if an album is to be announced along with the single or not.”

– Anonymous source

Fans have speculated that the single will be played on the last episode of singer Hayley Williams podcast. Our source says it’s unlikely as the label wants to push it on major channels first. At the same time, “if Hayley and the band put their foot down, she is likely get a premiere on the pod, followed by an immediate release on Youtube” the source tells us.

The big question, will the single leak?

It’s highly unlikely as leaks tend to surround albums, circulating among journalists who leak and retailers who sell copies in advance. Singles are often restricted to label personel only.

Do we know for certain that the single will drop in September?

Our anonymous label source is reliable. Their US tour kicks off on October 2nd and any label would require new material coming out around that time. But dates can change for various reasons, as we’ve learnt from Has it Leaked duds. It’s also interesting to see Arctic Monkeys‘ release their single, more than two weeks into their tour.

And guess what…

Rhino Records happened to like Has it Leaked’s tweet about the single. One of the biggest record labels in the world and affiliated with Paramore’s label Atlantic.

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