One of the biggest comeback tours of 2022 has resulted in this

While MCR’s (My Chemical Romance) plans were delayed back in 2021 the band both released a brand new single and went on a massive worldwide tour. Few bands match this kind of comeback, with only Blink-182 being able to possibly outperform next year.

But loyal fans are waiting for more My Chem, especially when there have been talks about more new material being recorded. And according to our source, who gave us a heads up about new music months ahead of the official single release, finally has something to share.

“studio sessions have been booked by the label”

MCR has one of the friendliest communities and their Reddit fans have already picked up on the fact that gigs have been recorded. This footage is indeed intended for an official release. The plan is to have a live performance released early next year. However, it’s unclear if it’s going to be released as a live album or not, similar to their two previous live albums. There’s also been a full documentary recorded, with various footage throughout the year.

As for the documentary, we’ve been told “it’s more than just backstage [material]” and follows the band’s comeback from its early inception. This sounds intriguing as much of the recording sessions, planning and just the band spending time together, have been kept offline. And it’s especially interesting if we get to see the creative process. Distribution deals are currently pending according to our source, so we don’t know if Netflix, or any other streaming service, might pick it up.

But will we get a full length album?

Speaking of the creative process, were there more tracks recorded this year? The answer to that is no, there was never any intention of releasing an album this year.

However, and now comes the good news, there are new songs ready. Gerard Way and the rest have yet to enter the studio, and looking at their tour schedule it’s pretty obvious there would not be enough time. But studio sessions have been booked by the label for next year. As for any plans beyond that, only the band knows. But it looks like we might get more than just a single next year if we’re lucky.

Do note, just like any unofficial information, dates and releases can change at any time. I’ve been running the music community Has it Leaked for ten years and while I trust my sources, keep in mind that all things are subject to change. Especially when it comes to album delays.

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