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There’s finally confirmation to the rumor

Kojima has been running a “Who am I/Where am I” campaign for some time now. We’ve gotten confirmation that Elle Fanning has been cast and that the campaign is indeed intended for Death Stranding 2.

The Elle Fanning tease on Twitter.

The image above was tweeted by KaterynaT5 who works as a producer at Kojima productions. The tweet has since been deleted. And it might come a surprise for the fans, but we got our source saying that it is indeed Death Stranding 2, and it is going to be shown at Game Awards. The first showing will not include gameplay, similar to the first entry in the series.

We have no information about the gameplay itself and while Norman Reedus is likely to return we have no concrete info on that.

How reliable is this information?

We are a brand new site, but so far we’ve had two big info leaks which was later confirmed to be true. We also run the music site Has it Leaked which has had several leaks, if not hundreds, which has turned out to be true.

But, nothing is for certain or set in stone until there’s an official announcement. And games have a tendency to be pushed back and even being cancelled.

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