Directive 8020 takes place in a spaceship called CDC Cassiopeia.

Thanks to a recent leak, the next entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology is now known to the public.

The reveal trailer of the upcoming game Directive 8020 was leaked by the YouTuber Slimpy. The one-minute-long trailer confirms that the game will begin Season 2 of the Anthology series.

Directive 8020

The trailer reveals some intriguing information. Directive 8020 will take place on a spaceship called CDC Cassiopeia heading for Tau Ceti f — an Earth-like planet. Cassiopeia is a forward reconnaissance vessel currently present in the Cetus Constellation.

The trailer is narrated by Commander Stafford, who logs what has happened on the ship. However, we heard another voice identifying as Thomas Carter and claiming that something called the “Simms” is trying to kill him, whatever that is.

Later in the trailer, Stafford interrupts Carter and says that the next broadcast will occur when they are near “humanity’s future home,” probably referring to Tau Ceti f.

The trailer was giving off very Event Horizon vibes. Directive 8020 is a horror game set in a spaceship. It could capitalize on the probable success of The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space (2023), both of which have a similar setting.

More gaming-related leaks are available here.

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