PlayStation Games

Sony is developing two survival horror games, one vehicular combat game, and more.

Sony has once again become a target of a substantial leak.

A recent list on Excel Sheet reveals the codenames of several upcoming PlayStation games. It also mentions the PC ports of multiple titles.

The contents of the list make it seem old. Many games have already been revealed, and some are already out. It also doesn’t contain all the games Sony is developing, meaning you shouldn’t worry about Sony not having enough titles.

Horizon Games

Horizon-related games are mentioned seven times on the list.

  • The first mention is of Horizon 2 for PS5, which was released early this year. 
  • The list also talks about Horizon 2 DLC and a PC Port. Previous rumors about an upcoming DLC have been circulating on the internet. The actor that plays the role of Sylens hinted at an expansion. The PC port also seems quite convincing, as it was mentioned in the massive Nvidia GeForce Leak that occurred last year. Interestingly, the studio for the PC port is marked as TBC, meaning Sony hasn’t decided on its developer yet.
  • The previously rumored Horizon PS5 Remaster and Horizon Multiplayer Game are mentioned. The latter of which is marked for both PS5 and PC. The multiplayer game is listed as GaaS, short for Games as a Service.
  • The last Horizon game on the list is the VR title being developed by Firesprite Studio. The VR game called Horizon Call of the Mountain was officially announced a few months ago.

Other Games

  • Firesprite Studio isn’t just working on the VR game. According to the list, the developer is also working on a Survival Horror game for PS5 and PC. It is codenamed Heartbreak and will use Unreal Engine 5.
  • Sackboy’s PC port is mentioned in the leak as well. We know for sure that this is accurate. The PC version was recently announced by Sony. The game will be available on Microsoft Windows on October 28.
  • Sumo Digital is working on a PS5 game codenamed Carbon. It is an open-world game that will feature some multiplayer components. Its video game engine is marked as TBC.
  • Lucid Games is mentioned as the developer for two games, Destruction All Stars and Redstar (likely a codename). The former title is already released, and the latter is a vehicular combat game for PS5 that will feature multiplayer components.
  • Returnal PC port just became even more inevitable. The list reveals that the PC port of the game is being developed by Housemarque.
  • Kojima Productions’ next game is codenamed Ocean and is planned for PS5. The leak claims that the game is open-world and will be using Decima Engine. Previous rumors suggest that this is none other than Death Stranding 2.
  • The list reveals two more games, Bates and Camden. The former is a Survival Horror game by Ballistic Moon, and the latter is a live service game by London Studio. Both games are marked for PS5 and PC.
  • The list also mentions Ronin by KOEI Tecmo. We know that it refers to the game Rise of the Ronin, which was officially announced last month.

The list’s authenticity has been in doubt as it originated via 4chan. However, Dusk Golem, a reputable leaker in the gaming industry, claims that the list is accurate. Gematsu also mentioned a supposed list when they corroborated the Horizon Remaster leak.

There is a good chance that this leak is correct, but it doesn’t mean all these games will see the light of day. Some of them could get canceled or put on hold. So, control your excitement and wait for Sony to reveal them officially.

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