The job listing is asking for designers that are good with mechanical design.

FromSoftware’s next game may be going back to an old IP, and no, we are not talking about Dark Souls or King’s Field.

A recent job posting by the Japanese company suggests that a new Armored Core game is currently in development. The listing is asking for a Character Designer who is good at mecha designers.

Terms like weapons and equipment are used, and the word mecha is mentioned multiple times. Combining this hint with previous leaks is making us hopeful about a new Armored Core game.

Before FromSoftware became a household name thanks to souls-like games, the developer used to make mech video games called Armored Core. It never found the popularity of Dark Souls, but it was still very entertaining.

Fans have been asking for a new entry in the series for quite a while now, and it looks like their wish will soon come true. Still, we recommend that readers keep their expectations low and wait for an official announcement. A reveal or teaser trailer at The Game Awards 2022 sounds very likely.

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