Assassin’s Creed Mirage: The Forty Thieves Quests

Leaker suggests that gameplay will be revealed in Feb/March next year.

Official information about Assassin’s Creed Mirage could be months away if the recent leak is accurate.

Adrien Perea, a Twitter user who has been correct in the past, made some intriguing claims about the upcoming AC game.

He claimed that Ubisoft plans to unveil the gameplay of Mirage in either February or March. A first-quarter reveal seems weird, as many thought that’s when the game is planning to launch. We should expect a mid-2023 release if the above claim is accurate.

According to him, assassination contracts from AC2 and Brotherhood are coming back. A wanted system similar to RDR will be present, where enemies will try to chase and capture the player. Assassin camps are also back, where players would rest and train just like RDR2 and Valhalla camps.

Thankfully, the parkour will be inspired by AC Unity and the story by Prince of Persia. The game will be more difficult than previous AC games as the enemy AI will receive several improvements. Fooling the AI won’t be a walk in the park anymore.

We recommend you take these claims with a grain of salt, even if they sound convincing. The leaker has been correct in the past but has also made some incorrect claims, like AC 1 Remake.

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