Xbox Mineral Camo Blue controller was spotted before release.

A few days ago, Alumia_Italia a popular leaker of tech news revealed that the release of the new Camo Xbox Wireless Controller named Camo Mineral would soon be announced. 

Source from user Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter

Although, the giant tech company and producer of the video game console, Microsoft is yet to make any official announcement about this new release, two online stores Microplay, and Adorama have given us first-hand information about the features and an image of the latest Xbox Wireless Controller.

Recently, Xbox has developed several fantastic features, and fans adore what they have been providing. Daystrike Camo special edition controller and the Arctic Camo special edition controller, all performed extremely well among the fans and they loved it. Fans of the Xbox Wireless Controller have strong faith that this upcoming release will also be a bang! 

From the image on these online stores, it can be seen that the Camo Mineral style controller will come in blue. The release date and shipping are scheduled to begin by September 27, next Tuesday. 

The Camo Xbox Wireless Controller is currently available for preorder on Microplay and Adorama

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