A leaked audio recording notes former Iraqi PM Nuri Al-Maliki declaring that he does not recognise the authority of the army and police.

Maliki, the current head of the pro-Iranian coordination framework, is heard saying he is prepared to use force against the Sadrist movement and its Sunni and Kurdish supporters in order to seize political control of Iraq in some troubling developments for the country.

An hour-long chat between Nouri al-Maliki and his top advisers is purported to be the source of many incriminating audio recordings leaked by Iraqi blogger and activist Ali al-Fadhil on Twitter. The tapes cover a wide range of subjects, including Maliki’s thoughts on Iraq’s Sunni population and his animosity against his rival.

The original tweet, in Arabic, notes “The fourth part of the leaked recording of Nuri al-Maliki Al-Maliki: The next stage is a stage of fighting, and I will attack (Najaf) in order to fight Muqtada al-Sadr. Al-Maliki: I told Al-Kazemi that I do not trust neither your army nor your police, but I will arm myself and fight, and we have tanks, armored vehicles and marches.”

Iraqis now worry that a fresh wave of intra-Shia bloodshed may be on the horizon because of the violent history between the two men, who have frequently led or supported opposing armed groups. If this occurs, the shaky political system would be further undermined, and Iraq will be plunged into an even more serious political crisis.

The Iraqi judiciary has nevertheless authorized a preliminary investigation into the tapes to ascertain whether or not Maliki has a case to answer for, despite the former prime minister’s continued denial of the recordings’ veracity and a rising call from his competitors for him to be prosecuted.

There may still be grounds for a prosecution, given that Maliki is depicted in the leaks as threatening violence and even “war.”

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