Epic Games Store Mega Sale 2023

Vaults featuring free mystery games are back as well.

If you’re planning to buy video games in a few weeks, you might want to check out the Epic Games Store. According to Billbil-kun, a reputable leaker in the industry, a major sale will go live on the video game store on May 18.

The leaker claims that the Epic Games Store Mega Sale will end on June 15 and will also bring several fan-favorite offers. The 25% discount coupon will be back, meaning you’ll get an additional discount on your already lowered-priced items, assuming they’re higher than $14.99. Of course, some terms and conditions will apply.

That’s not all, though. Epic is also bringing back Vaults. Every day of the sale, users will be able to claim one mystery game for free. The leaker claims that they don’t know the names of the free titles, so don’t bother asking.

Although the Epic Games Store may not be the preferred video game store for PC gamers, it’s definitely worth checking out. The store is trying to attract users through its free games, good value coupons, and exclusivity deals.

In other leaks and rumors, the existence of Fallout New Vegas 2 may have been hinted at by Bethesda. Check out our previous story for more details.

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