Sonic Frontiers New Trailer

The trailer was uploaded by SEGA but was quickly made private.

A new trailer of the upcoming open-zone game Sonic Frontiers has been leaked on the internet. Surprisingly, the leaker is none other than SEGA itself.

The Japanese gaming company accidentally released the new trailer to the public. Recent shenanigans prove they weren’t supposed to do that, as the video was hastily made private.

We all know removing something from the internet is extremely difficult. As you would expect, one vigilant fan quickly downloaded the trailer and re-uploaded it for other viewers to enjoy. If the above video has been DMCAed or removed, then you can watch it via this link.

The combat is quite interesting as it shows a significant departure from previous 3D Sonic games. The upcoming title has a skill tree that features new abilities. Players can also parry incoming attacks from aggressive enemies. Speaking of enemies, the footage reveals a large variety of foes for fans to defeat.

Sonic Frontiers rushes to all major platforms on November 8. The game will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Right now, Microsoft Windows users can only purchase the title via Steam. However, the official site claims an Epic Games Store release is coming soon.

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