The Leak was created by Valdemar. We also run Has it Leaked since 2012, Where You Watch since 2017 years and started The Leak this year.

“[A] solid track record for leaks across a number of industries over the course of the past decade” – Forbes

Our work has been featured in Vice, BBC World, The New York Times, The Globe and Mail and more, along with interviews and features. Additionally, The Leak has had exclusive features in MSN, Forbes, TechRadar, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and Gazeta, among many others.

Through Has it Leaked and its Twitter account we have reported on leaked information regarding hundreds of labels, music artists and management information ahead of official statements. See full list here.

As Where You Watch, our sister movie site, we have reported on information regarding upcoming movies and Oscar contenders. And as The Leak, we’ve leaked three major releases.

If you have any questions or need any references, let us know.

Staffan Ulmert, editor-in-chief