Qualcomm’s progress is overshadowed as Apple readies the 3nm process.

Apple gained its massive lead in processing power and efficiency from other chipset manufacturers a decade ago. Qualcomm fairly closed the gap by introducing to Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset on the 4nm process. However, recent reports claim that Apple and TSMC are designing A17 Bionic on a 3nm FinFet process aiming for 35% performance gains over the previous generation.

Apple has purchased the whole first production run of 3 nm chips from TSMC, which means that Apple will be the only smartphone company to have access to these chips in 2023. Other companies like Qualcomm and Mediatek have decided not to develop their version of the 3nm chips due to high costs. Samsung is also working on its own 3 nm process technology and will continue to develop it without neglecting its older technology.

With this huge upgrade, iPhone 15 Pro will likely sell like hotcakes with USB Type-C and a periscope camera. iPhone 15 will, however, use the older A16 Bionic.

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