We got in touch with the notorious hacker behind the GTA 6 leaks – here’s what we know

Update: According to the City of London Police department’s Twitter account, they’ve arrested the hacker. Not much is known at the moment, but police state that he is in custody and that he is only 17 years old. More updates are likely to follow.

Earlier this week a hacker with the alias “teapotuberhacker” uploaded massive files with GTA 6 leaks on GTA Forums. Shortly after, the leaks spread like wildfire on the internet with claims that the source code for GTA 5 was up for sale. 

The Leak decided to investigate this and managed to contact the hacker behind this breach that has left Rockstar in a mess. While the hacker claims they don’t have a twitter account and that their only official accounts are on Telegram; multiple fake accounts have popped up since yesterday.

According to teapotuberhacker, a “big slice” of the source code can be bought for 2800 USD.

We decided to pursue them on their real account to try and get some more information about the recent leaks – and it doesn’t spell good news for the developers, Rockstar games.

In our short conversation with “teapotuberhacker”, before he went silent, he mentioned that the source code was still for sale. The earlier reports of the source code being sold for $100k were fake, since we managed to get an actual quote from the hacker himself.

According to teapotuberhacker, a “big slice” of the source code can be bought for 20 XRM – a cryptocurrency. That’s about 2839 USD, which is miles apart from the $100k price tag previously circulated. 

The size of the files mentioned was 650 GB. Meganz refers to Mega, the file sharing tool the seller would use to transfer the files. Of course, in the interest of respecting the privacy of Rockstar games we’ve decided to blur some of the pictures out.

Messages from GTA 6 Hacker, obtained by The Leak

Rockstar responded to the breach yesterday, claiming that it would not affect the development of GTA 6 or their live game services. The hacker, however, thinks otherwise. A message from teapotuberhacker circulated online where he mentioned reaching out to Rockstar for a negotiation which was ultimately denied.

Even though Rockstar has assured fans that the leak would have no impact on their games, the source code floating around the internet can be disastrous for the company.

The Leak is trying to verify multiple reports pertaining to the sale of the source code, and whether Rockstar has taken any strict actions against the perpetrators yet. As we continue to investigate one of the biggest gaming leaks in history, you can stay updated with events right as they unfold at our dedicated page for all-things related to GTA 6.

Main Photo by Chris Reid, Please note that it isn’t the actual source code.

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